I have often looked at my life and asked “Why?”

Why do I end up in positions that others have never experienced?

“I just never listen.”

That is what some would say.

Why I end up with things like a broken foot, a broken heart, or a broken home.

I broke my foot, when I should have been sitting.

My heart was broken, when I should not have given it away.

My home was broken, because of choices that were made; good girls don’t graduate high-school seven months pregnant.

I am older now, my years are decades.

I see things differently and through eyes that cannot unsee, although, I am grateful for this perspective.

I still don’t listen.

I broke my  foot because I danced. I danced when there was no music, because of the way that it made me feel.

My heart was always mine and it is a diamond; the trials were just the pressure that it needed to transform from a softer material.

My home is strong, my children are good people, and those who proved to be lighthouses through every storm, are the people that I am proud to call “mine”. Those who entered in the midst of a storm and held on for dear life are my heros.


Sometimes, we are not graceful with broken bodies, hearts under pressure, or chaotic lives.

Sometimes, the dance is worth the pain.

Sometimes, not listening is the best thing that we can do for ourselves.





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